“Rare Mettle” Endorsed by Jim Kennedy of “Sellout”

Jim Kennedy, featured in Victoria Bruce’s Sellout for his unique courage standing up to Washington D.C.’s bureaucracy, was one of my early endorsers of Rare Mettle: A Silicon Valley Novel.

Like me, he realized that bringing this arcane topic to the attention of the average consumer would be tough. A suspense thriller set against the backdrop of Silicon Valley, Washington D.C, and the vast regions of China were probably NOT what he imagined might work. However, we were both determined to help people understand the consequences of our reliance on China’s dominance of purified rare earth metals, the building blocks of ALL our advanced technology products: MRIs, electric car batteries, laser-guided missiles, wind turbines–even electric toothbrushes.

The American consumer has proven to make wise choices once educated on an issue. We have lessened our dependence of OPEC-dominated fossil fuels, our desire for blood diamonds from Africa, and are willing to pay more for sustainable coffee farming in South and Central America in order to combat the drug trade.

Are we willing to sacrifice to maintain our lead in technology, education, and our freedom to innovate, or will our children’s future be determined by China?

I’m proud and honored to share what Jim had to say about Rare Mettle:

“Ann Bridges’ exciting, reality-based Rare Mettle is packed full of corporate and government agents engaged in an economic and geopolitical battle across cultures and vast geography. Based on extensive research, and including insider conversations, her story foretells America’s weaknesses and possible consequences of decades-long, compromising policies chasing China’s cheap manufacturing promises and stable global alliances.

But what adds an element of timeliness and relevance is that the underlying technical facts setting these fictional players into motion are true; therefore, her depiction of the current commercial and National Security situation is accurate, valid and deeply relevant to U.S. economic standing in the world. This, of course, impacts the lives of every American alive today, and will define the lives and futures of our children.

Through its compelling characters, Rare Mettle presents a frighteningly disturbing, first-hand account of institutionalized policy failure that has in fact taken place at the highest levels of the United States government.” —James C. Kennedy, President ThREEConsulting.com, St. Louis Missouri.

Let’s make a difference and support a sustainable domestic solution for rare earths, too. You can learn more from the list of resources publicly available.

Both Sellout and Rare Mettle are available wherever books are sold.

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