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Author Ann Bridges

Author Ann Bridges

Silicon Valley is more a mindset than a location.

Companies nestle against the Pacific Ocean’s coastal hills, in a narrow strip between San Jose and San Francisco. The region is littered with bridges connecting land masses extending to the rest of the more sedate California.

Behind the hype and wonder of silicon-based computer chips and clever inventions is a land filled with entrepreneurs and energetic workers.

Like the nineteenth-century Gold Rush ’49’ers, dreamers flock to Northern California from around the world, eager to ply their skills at the chance to wrest wealth and success from all its resources–natural, financial, and human. Their novel ideas connect yesterday’s legacy and tomorrow’s promise with today’s realities.

Tales abound of the struggles of the earliest settlers to the youngest billionaires, fodder for Hollywood movies and Internet videos. As the attention of America increasingly turns west again, across the Pacific to China’s powerful influence, its financial fulcrum moves from New York to California in the form of the ultimate risk-taker: the venture capitalist.

But beyond the headlines lie stories of real battles over core American values fought and won, real dilemmas of ethical choices made by key individuals and governments grappling with both the positive and negative impacts of technology, and poignant relationships sacrificing to support the well-known successes.

That is what comprises Silicon Valley.

Real stories. Real people. Real California.

I hope you enjoy my insider’s perspective marrying Silicon Valley’s past and future with stories that matter now.


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