If You Mean Business…

…so do I.

My passion in writing a new kind of Business Fiction has its roots in a very simple concept–business literacy.

80% or more of us will work for a private enterprise as part of our careers. Yet our school systems, and increasingly our employers, are not investing in a foundation of basic knowledge for all employees to contribute to economic growth and individual success.

Concepts like the difference between investment, revenue, expenses and profit are not taught in our schools. 70% or more of new employees don’t understand how to read their paychecks. Choices for retirement plans, or medical insurance, or career paths, leave most employees floundering in the dark, desperately seeking information to make wise decisions.

Increasingly, human resource departments teach policies and procedures, legal do’s and don’t’s. Managers certainly don’t have the training budget to invest in a company’s most precious resource–a well-informed workforce.

Non-fiction books teach economic theory, or entrepreneurialism, or management practice. Business Fiction as a literary genre has lost its place in mainstream publishing, yet “edu-tainment” is still a viable method of teaching new concepts in a fun way. Like Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, exposure to new ideas and technologies can be framed within the context of entertainment.

Covered in my current and future books are topics such as:

  • Financing a new enterprise—VCs, Wall Street, private equity, value supply chain
  • Labor—workplace relationships, risks of contractors, stock options as compensation
  • Marketing—internet-based journalism and worldwide customers
  • Legal—property rights, both intellectual and real, and their protection
  • Global trade—impact of outsourced manufacturing, including political ramifications

Please join me and form a human bridge connecting business knowledge with the people who need it most. I am focused on creating alliances between corporations and colleges, foundations and non-profit organizations, all with the purpose of creating value to both sides of our economic engine, through the lasting power of story-telling.

Already joining with me is Taliesin Nexus, a liberty-supporting organization teaching the realities of the creative business to emerging writers and movie producers. Students from Community Colleges are reaching out for more knowledge through reading, recognizing that’s what made people like Warren Buffett successful. Think-tanks like Heartland Institute are reaching out to provide facts about today’s most contentious issues affecting our daily lives. Respected magazines like Wealth Management already recognize the place for Business Fiction like mine, naming my debut novel Private Offerings in their Best Business Fiction for 2015.

But we need more, especially those willing to reach out to the non-management, non-entrepreneurial, who will perform miracles at their jobs if we help them contribute to the bottom line of productivity.

After all, if you and I don’t mean business about teaching business, who else will?

Much more of what I do as a published author is to spend time passing my knowledge, experiences, and assistance forward to the next generation of businesspeople–yes, authors who expect to be paid for their work do indeed run small businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more about topics that I can speak about to your group, how I may be able to help you with your manuscript from conception to marketable published product, or ways we can work together to tackle broad illiteracy issues, please read more in this section’s pages, and contact me.

Ann Bridges is an experienced, dynamic public speaker who relates to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Her compelling characters’ stories of overcoming obstacles serve to motivate audiences. She delivers a provocative understanding of today’s dilemmas, including exploring the relevance of history’s context. As a business executive turned novelist and editor, she demonstrates a unique skill bringing forth different points of view, and shares that with her audiences to develop greater compassion in both personal and professional relationships.

Please send an inquiry for dates and rates of these or other 1-2 hour group sessions, perfect for a “Brown Bag Lunch” event at work. Look for additional ideas under Discussion Topics tabs. Special discount for schools.



Networking Beyond LinkedIn – Effective techniques to grow contacts and make new friends. Includes learning face-to-face and via email protocols, as well professional etiquette. Targeted to new graduates seeking jobs or career advancement, or anyone seeking to develop new professional contacts.

How Storytelling Techniques Create Better Workplace Environment – Learn to understand the perspective of your co-workers and customers through simple point-of-view exercises and role-playing. Best for employees needing to polish up their people skills and understand the reactions of others.

Business Basics – What new employees need to understand about how business works to succeed in today’s fast-paced environments. Includes soft skills tips, critical thinking exercises, and brief overview of private enterprise in America.


Behind the Scenes of a Wall Street Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Includes Ann Bridges’ first-hand experiences as a female executive in a Silicon Valley start-up, and the implications of using stock options as compensation. Appropriate for both men and women looking to understand the changing technology and finance industries.

When Geopolitics Affects Business – Understanding Silicon Valley’s role within the context of America’s increasing reliance on technology for its leadership in the world. Includes exploration of global supply chains, scientific and university research, and population trends. Best for groups interested in exploring political implications of policy and future funding.


Connecting Generations – How history keeps us grounded in an era of overwhelming media. Includes an overview of obscure stories of America’s largest state, why they stayed that way, and what that tells us about our future.

One Author’s Day – What happens behind the scenes to bring a novel to life? Includes an overview of the research, organization, and editing that goes into each story to make it both authentic and engaging. Great for budding writers or avid readers of all ages, and especially appropriate for schools and colleges.

21st Century Publishing – Technology has both enabled and destroyed an industry. Includes a candid sharing of Ann Bridges’ experiences with both independent and self-publishing, a discussion of the pros and cons of both, and the realities facing content creators today. A must for new authors before taking that first step towards publishing.

As part of my own journey developing as a writer, I was blessed to work with many authors, both accomplished and nascent, who asked my advice about their writing projects. In the beginning I helped on an informal basis, as they did with me.

I discovered I had a knack for editing at all stages–developmental, line, copy, proof, and even formatting the final copies. Mixed with my own career in business and marketing; my success in promotion and creating relevance, even with fiction; and a high-level degree from the Publishing School of Hard Knocks, I now offer editing and consulting to other authors who simply don’t have the time or experience to usher their labor of love from draft manuscript to a polished, marketable book.

If you find yourself in need of help, please reach out and ask. I believe firmly in paying it forward, and will always give you a fair price, the ultimate effort, a high-level of professionalism, and utter honesty in whatever stage of the book publishing process you are at. The trust and bonding that develops between editor and writer is precious and downright awe-inspiring. As someone who has been in your shoes, I can tell you there is nothing like having someone in your corner who knows your writing as intimately as you do, with the ability to make it shine and help find the readers who will most enjoy it.

Here are some of the books I have worked on with the very talented authors:

America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth, Rich Trzupek

Maddy’s Game, Michael Lund

Walls of Wilusa, Dick Yaeger

Daring to Dream Again, Dinah Lin

Humor Haiku, Margaret Zhao

Climate Smart and Energy Wise, Mark S. McCaffrey

A Conscious Peace, Ruchi Rai