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Other Publications, Media & Affiliated Organizations


  • American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA): 125 years, 2000 corporate (80% small business) and individual members in 42 states & 11 countries, second largest & longest running convention, 100 speakers
  • American Resources Policy Network, Advocacy/Think Tank, Wash DC: Education & Public Policy Research, 50,000 community opinion leaders in 50 states reach 4.5 million social media followers on need for natural resource development to reduce resource dependency weakening U.S. economic competitiveness & national security, directly influencing 20,000 elected officials & decision-makers
  • Assistance League (AL), San Jose, since 1983: annually serving 11,000+ recipients with $200K+/34K+ volunteer hours in Operation School Belt, Readers Are Leaders, Assist-A-Shelter, Caring Hands, Screening Eyes Early, Senior Bingo, Hug-A-Bear, with major support from the George & Jeanette Stuart Charitable Trust, Applied Materials & Safeway Foundations, Star Credit Union & Almaden Valley Women’s Club
  • Booksage Reviews/Club with Recycle Books: largest independent bookseller in Silicon Valley, one of largest in US
  • Books Inc.: West’s Oldest Independent Bookseller, founded by a goldminer, 1851; Barnes & Noble: Largest Bookseller Footprint in the US
  • Brandeis National Committee: Brandeis University, 70 years, Waltham MA: 37 chapters, 22,000 members, 50th anniversary Silicon Valley chapter 29th Lunch with the Authors
  • Building the Future: 100-Million Plus Listener Radio/Podcast Syndicated Program, Los Angeles – Interviewing entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs about technology & innovation


  • C2SV: Creative Convergence Silicon Valley, Technology Conference & Famed Music Festival
  • Canadian Mining Journal: Canada’s First Mining Publication, over 130 years, 27,000 subscribers, published by Northern Miner Group, part of Glacier Media Group, Toronto
  • Capital Research Center, America’s Investigative Think Tank, 35 years, Wash DC
  • Cato Institute: Libertarian Think Tank 45 years, Wash DC
  • Center of the American Experiment: 30 years, Minnesota’s leading public policy organization on education, healthcare, family, employee freedom & local governance, using free enterprise, limited government, personal responsibility & government accountability to counter waste, power abuse & ineptitude in state/local government, schools & unions.  Publisher of Thinking Minnesota magazine
  • CFACT: Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, Think Tank, 35 years, Wash DC
  • Chi-Am Circle Club: Silicon Valley education support, over 50 years
  • Cinder Quarterly: Libertarian Literary Magazine, New York – The Netflix of new authors: emerging fiction writers, memoirists & essayists
  • Cinder Workshops: With Successful Novelists, Nonfiction Authors, Publishers & Literary Agents, Los Angeles
  • Clear Energy Alliance: Featured Video
  • CNBC, since 1989, online since 1996, 7,000,000+M viewers
  • CNS News: Formerly Cybercast News Service, The Right News, Right Now, since 1998, Reston VA, Media Research Center, America’s Media Watchdog, since 1987
  • Committee to Unleash Prosperity: Think Tank, 2015, Wash DC, Founders: Presidential Medal of Freedom Economist Art Laffer, White House Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, Stephen Moore & Steve Forbes
  • Conservative Book Club: Bestseller List for 50 years
  • Content Magazine: Innovative Creative Silicon Valley Culture
  • Creators Syndicate: 250 Writers: Pulitzer, Reuben & Peabody Awards, 22,000 Publications, 44,000,000 Readers, 170 Books Published under 3 Imprints (since 2012), since 1987, Hermosa Beach CA
  • Critical Materials Institute: Ames Laboratory, Iowa State U, US Dept of Energy
  • Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC), Defense Information Analysis Centers (DIAC, created 1946), Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC), Department of Defense [DoD], Wash DC


  • ENGGtalks™ -Techno Professional Network for Engineers, To Connect & Collaborate across Academia, Institutes, Industries, Societies & Organizations in collaboration with The Institution of Engineers (India), 1935, one million members, world’s largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society: by CALNESTOR Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd, Calcutta, India, Recognized Top 50 Startups in Eastern India by U.S. Consulate General with University of Texas & I2M Associates Consulting LLC, Houston, TX, Resource Portal for Geologists & Geoscientists [Portals]
  • Epoch Times: Chinese-American International Newspaper, 4th largest worldwide circulation (25 million), 10x more than NYTimes. Besides English & Chinese, in 35 languages, 120 countries, over 1.25 BILLION non-subscriber views online annually
  • Examiner Publications: half dozen local newspapers, 44 years, 37,000 subscribers, Chicago
  • [Free Press], see footnote below for nearly 100 affiliates
  • Heartland Institute: Libertarian Think Tank, 35 years, Chicago
  • The Hill: daily newspaper (when Congress in session, 24,000 print circulation), 25 years, Wash DC
  • Hollywood in Toto: Christian Toto: 20-year award-winning journalist, conservative film critic & radio host, Hollywood in Toto-HIT Podcast: The ‘Right’ Take on Entertainment
  • ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal: 90 years, formerly International California Mining Journal, 50 states & 23 countries, 40,000 print, 42,000 online monthly subscribers, newstands & tradeshows
  • iHeart Radio on Southwest Airlines, + 850 stations
  • InvestorIntel: Emerging Market Analysis, Investment Information & Opportunities For Independent Investors – Specializing in Metals & Technology, Toronto.
  • IOM3 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining & Materials World Magazine, London
  • Kite & Key Media: since 2021, non-profit using video medium to provide context to global issues, US
  • KSFO Talk Radio, KBAY, KNTV-NBC, Digital First Media, The Independent – [Local Media] – Radio, TV, Newspapers
  • Literature & History Journal, SAGE Publishing: since 1965, Newbury Park CA, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New Delhi, Singapore, Washington DC, Academic Treatment from Birkbeck, University of London (1823) & Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne (1894), UK, Treatise: “The Silicon Valley Novel”


  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, “Turning Intellect into Influence”, American think tank, domestic public policy & urban affairs, since 1977, New York.
  • The Mercenary Geologist: Michael S. “Mickey” Fulp, 35/20/15+ years as exploration/consulting economic geologist/analyst for venture capital, criteria rejects 95% of clients, 52,000 Twitter followers & 6800 subscribers to “Mercenary Musings” newsletter, aka The Gold Geologist
  • Mine Idaho, official quarterly publication of the Idaho Mining Assn, Boise, ID. Advocates for a responsible and sustainable mining industry, mining since 1860
  • & InfoMine, Your Global Mining Resources for Intelligence & Technology & Canadian Mining Report (Aggregators): leading digital publications covering global mining sector since 2011 with 364,000 users & 27,000 subscribers, publishing 23 digests ranging geographically & by ore in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), with HQ in Vancouver, Canada & editorial in Brazil & Peru, InfoMine in Spokane, WA, South Africa & Australia, CMR online exclusively, listings & news by company & ore
  •, The Outcrop, Sydney AUS: subsidiary of Aspermont Ltd – Information for Industry, London publisher of Mining Journal (185 years) & Mining Magazine (106 years),  largest Australia, UK and China daily natural resources sector newsource, now opening the Americas
  • Muck Rack, database for journalists & PR professionals; A, promoting civil liberties, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism & shrinking size/scope of government; & Greenerbee, providing information & news to assist selection of better green living choices – [Independents]
  • National League of American Pen Women: Founders of 120yo Pen Arts Museum, Wash DC – Ann Bridges’ Kit’s Mine: National PenWriters Award, 2014
  • National Mining Association: 25 years, predecessors 98 & 78 years before merger, 300 corporate members, only trade organization to represent the industry to and in Wash DC & founder of Minerals Make Life educational initiative
  • National Review: Libertarian-Conservative, 60 years, Wash DC
  • North American Monetary Metals Summit, featuring leading analysts and companies in the resource sector, connecting public with the best-known companies and experts, providing financial education and insights into the economy
  • Press Here, NBC Bay Area: Hosted by renowned reporter/anchor Scott McGrew, “Meet the Press of Entrepreneurs” in weekly roundtable with top tech reporters & business journalists from CNBC, Dow Jones, Economist, Financial Times (London), Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, MIT Technology Review, NPR, New York Times, Reuters, San Francisco Chronicle, TechCrunch, TIME, USA Today, The Verge & Wired, interviewing CEOs & other notables. Produced in Silicon Valley, aired in New York, Wash DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego & internationally for NBC Nonstop


  • Rare Earth Investing News, Investing News Network, Vancouver-Toronto-SFResourceWorld Magazine: Investment News & Opportunities, Vancouver: Mining, O&G, Green Tech, 17years, 47 countries, no paid editorials
  • Real Clear Politics/Real Clear Markets: Forbes-owned News Aggregators & Commentary, 19 years, Alexa 5000 rank, Chicago
  • Reluctant Preppers, “Helping You Be Aware and Prepared”, 35,000 YouTube subscribers, 5 million views, 85% US-5% Canadian, 80% male, 60% 40-60 yrs of age. Awareness of the systemic risks to our liberty & finances, DK Dunagun Kaiser, founder; Related: GoldSilverPros (Robert Kientz), TalkMarkets, SeekingAlpha (see below), & Medium, Online Magazine Publisher: 60 million (Alexa Rank 200), 2012 [Investor  Interviews]
  • Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ, Manassas VA
  • San Francisco Review of Books, for nearly 45 years
  • The (San Jose) Mercury News, THE newspaper of Silicon Valley, 5th largest circulation in the nation
  • San Jose State University: English & History Depts
  • SJSU Financial Management Association, chapter of FMA International
  • San Jose, Santa Clara County District, Livermore City Libraries & Evergreen Valley College
  • Sand Hill Review: Independent Publisher Book Review & Podcast, Silicon Valley
  • Seeking Alpha: Wisdom-of-Crowd Stock Market Analysis, New York: 60 editors + 16,000 contributors (analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors & industry experts) interactively create investor content engaging 13.5 million daily visitors on 8,600 tickers with 8,000 articles published every month encompassing curated news, research, opinion & discussion, since 2004
  • Senior Academy for Education, The Villages 55+ Community of Silicon Valley: affiliated with Santa Clara University, since 1951, and Bernard Osher Foundation Lifelong Learning Program
  • Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME): 15,000 members in 85 countries, affiliate of American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME): 150,000 members, at Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) International Convention: 25,000 attendees from 125 countries, Toronto
  • Spotlight Magazine: Cover Story, Silicon Valley editions

T-Z, Other

  • Taliesin Nexus: Storytelling Artists Talent Development Programs, Los Angeles
  • Think!America Syndicated Radio Show on Radio America: 500 stations, Armed Forces Radio, Sirius/XM Satellite, Phoenix
  • Townhall (columnist), a Salem Media Group interactive magazine, 2 million readers each month (see footnote below for nearly 100 affiliates)
  • Treps Nest, National Association of Sales Professionals, Training & Certification in entrepreneurism & sales
  • Washington Examiner: weekly magazine, 14 years, 45,000 circulation, Wash DC
  • Washington Times: daily newspaper, 37 years, 60,000 circulation, 2nd largest Wash DC
  • Wealth Management Magazine: News, Trends, Topics & Research Important to Financial Advisors, New York – Ann Bridges’ Private Offerings: Best Business Fiction, Top 10 Business Books, 2015
  • Women in Mining, National Professional Organization & Education Foundation, 47 years, Lakewood, CO: Engineers, geologists, miners, educators & more & not just women
  • 21st Century Thought Control Conference, Presented by Classical Liberals of Northern California; Sponsors & Participants: American Institute of Economic Research, Bastiat Society Program, Foundation for Economic Education, Independent Institute, Institute for Humane Studies (Geo Mason Univ), Koch Foundation Institute, Mises Institute, Mont Hamilton Society (Pelerin), Silicon Valley Freedom Initiative Project, Taliesin Nexus
  • V5 Systems: Business, Marketing and Professional Writing for Silicon Valley startup technology company
  • LaCorte News: Silicon Valley Reporting for new venture newsfeed

Roles & Affiliations

AWARDS: NLAPW, Wealth CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Cato, Creators, Heartland, InvestorIntel, National Review, Spotlight, Treps Nest/NASP CORPORATE WRITER: V5 Systems COVER: Spotlight FACULTY: Taliesin FEATURED: AEMA, ARPN, A Libertarian, Booksage, Canadian Mining, Cato, CBC, CFACT, CNBC, CNS, CUP, CRC, Digital First, Examiner Pubs, GreenerBee, ICMJ, Independent, IOM3, MercenaryGeo,,, MuckRack, NLAPW, NMA, Rare Earth Investing, ResourceWorld, SAGE, Seeking Alpha, SF Book Review, SJ Mercury, Seeking Alpha, SME, Spotlight, Townhall,Wealth FEATURED AUTHOR: CinderQ, Spotlight FEATURED COLUMNIST: Content FEATURED GUEST: Building the Future, KSFO, KBAY, KNTV-NBC, GoldSilverPros, Heartland, Hollywood in Toto, Medium, Press Here (NBC), Reluctant Preppers, Sand Hill Review, Seeking Alpha,Talk Markets,  FEATURED SPEAKER: Assistance League, Books Inc, Brandeis, Chi-Am, C2SV, San Jose State University, SJSU-FMA, SJ, Santa Clara Cnty Dist & Livermore Libraries/EVC, Senior Academy MULTIPLE WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Cinder, formerly Calliope OP-EDs: Conservative HQ, Heartland, The Hill, National Review, Real Clear, Townhall, Wash Examiner, Wash Times  PANELIST & SPEAKER: Thought Control Conference POLICY ADVISOR: Heartland RECOGNIZED: Critical Materials Institute, DoD REGULAR GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: iHeart Radio, Think!America REPORTER: La Corte WEBINAR: Women in Mining

NOTE: [Free Press] Townhall Affiliates (70):  Advisor Investment News – America First News – AZ Mineral Education – Big Sky Headlines – Birdnow’s Aviary –  Black Butte Copper – Bobsbox – Breaking All the Rules – Business Telegraph – Canada Free Press  –  Capitol Hill Outsider  –  Capitol Hill Press  – Citizens Journal – Clayton E. Cramer (Nebraska) – Cool Tech Gadget News – Cowboy State Daily, formerly Wyoming News Network – Critical & Strategic Minerals – Eco-Imperialism –- Elements Magazine – Energy & Environmental Newsletter – Enter Stage Right — Eurasia Review – Evans News Report – Exploring Montana – FBI Reform – Free Market Energy – Free Republic – The Gold Enthusiast – Greenie Alert – Green News Watch – Headlines 24 – Huntington Beach News – It Matters How You Stand – Jefferson Policy Journal  – Latest Canada – Le Chat Bleu – Liberty Voter – Master Resources – Mining Connection – Mining Feeds – Minnesotans for Global Warming – Montana News – Muck Rack – Northwest Connection – PA Pundits – Paradigms & Demographics – Patrick McWilliams – Peckford 42 – The Press Enquirer – Republic Of Mining – Reality News Media Group – REE – Right Alert – Saturday Morning Liberty Road (Cascade Radio Group) Self Educated American – The Climate Skeptics Party – The Post Email — US Issues – Voat – Watts Up With That –Western Free Press – We Viral News – What I Am Screaming – Wind Task Force  – World US Headlines – 90 Miles From Tyranny – 960 The Patriot – 970 AM The Answer – and growing!

  • Canada Free Press, Toronto, 1997, “Because without America there is no Free World”, >100 global reporters, 24/7 updates
  • Capitol Hill Outsider, “Hard Hitting America First News & Constitutionalist Commentary”
  • Self-Educated American, 2008, “Standing Fast by Judeo-Christian Heritage, Limited Government & the US Constitution, predecessor The Moral Liberal, 8M readers, >100 contributing pundits, editors, research, political, educational, legal & news organizations, including: American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) – CATO Institute – Democratic Thinker – Eagle Forum – Education Liberty Watch – The Heritage Foundation – Institute for Justice – Liberty Counsel – The Center for Vision and Values – The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) – The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) – United Families International
  • Jefferson Policy Journal, published by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, Springfield, VA
  • Free Republic, “Equality, Liberty, Justice, Defending Our Constitution with God, Country & Freedom”, 1996, Fresno, CA: earliest & largest political discussion forum for independent, grass-roots conservatism with >400K registered posters read by >1M daily, >20M unique visitors globally per month, 20+yrs Alexa-rated top 20K site, top 4K US, no advertising, unaffiliated with any political party, group, news source, government agency, commercial or special interest (however, many resource links provided), only $350K annual individual donation budget, produced by 4 partners, 2 tech, 1 production & 1 finance
  • WUWT, 2006, most read climate site, 400M

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