Magazine Articles

I also write articles for different magazines and websites. In these briefs I comment on my writing, the technology pulse of Silicon Valley, and the issues facing us all today in and out of the technology-centric world. I hope you enjoy getting a chance to know my perspective through my own eyes, rather through the eyes of my characters.

A View from the Cheap Seats: Baseball as Life

US Dependence on other Countries for Critical Minerals

Interview: Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Bob Zeidman (pp. 90-91)

Earth Day Reboot: Rare Earths Day

Tech Addiction: What If…The Gadgets Went Away

Business Fiction for the 21st Century

Turning the Page to 2016 Priorities

Whoever Thought Rare Earths Could Be Sexy and Fun?

Ann Bridges: Silicon Valley Fiction Rings True

In the Modern Day Gold Rush, Do Stock Options Pan Out?

Literary Artists: Authors Need Support, Too

Who is China? Fictional Truths, Silicon Valley Style

Mirror, Mirror: What Selfies Say About Us

Job Security vs. Job Discrimination: A Fine Line (plus KBAY radio interview follow up)

Sex in the Workplace

The Money Trail: Clues for Life

The Internet of Things: Hello, Big Brother?

Where Are the Influential Women in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley: This Author’s Muse