Alan L. Nobler

(Print ISBN: 978-8585476891 / eBook ISBN: 978-1393121848)


A young woman’s horrific injury from domestic violence compels her attorney to battle the complex court system seeking justice on her behalf.

With an easy-to-read pacing and style, California attorney Alan L. Nobler brings decades of experience dealing with our country’s legal labyrinth into this starkly compelling legal thriller, underlining not only how far we have come in dealing with issues of domestic violence, but how much progress still remains. Nobler vividly portrays a young mother’s horrific injury at the hands of her husband and the heroic efforts of her attorney and other professionals to seek justice on her behalf.

In this novel, the protagonist, attorney Steve Gregory, recounts to his grandson details about his most memorable client—Carol Collins—who is forced to wear a medical halo after her well-off husband nearly paralyzes her. The injury and subsequent divorce leave her flat broke, unable to even care for her toddler. While fictional, the all-too-familiar scenario authentically depicts how the legal system in the heart of Silicon Valley failed a desperate victim and child during her time of crisis in 1985, and continues to this day.

Nobler wrote it for the average reader to recognize and understand how and why people are trapped in violent relationships, and what the expectations are for all the players in resolving the situation.

A stunning indictment of how justice can fail our most tragic victims of domestic violence.


Kathryn looked at me and said, “In 60 seconds or less, what’s going on?”

“This is a case of extreme domestic violence. In February, dad broke mom’s neck while he was trying to rape her. She has been incapacitated in a fixed-head stabilization device—called a halo—until a few weeks ago. Dad was arrested and his parents took control of their now 21-month-old infant. Mom hasn’t been given the chance to spend any real time with the kid and wants custody.”

She turned to Don. “Your turn.”

“Mom is a pathological liar who made up the whole rape story,” Don stated. “She is incapable both mentally and physically of taking care of their child.”


  • The Girl in the Halo illuminates the poorly understood problems associated with domestic violence experienced daily by family law attorneys and victims. While it should be required reading for law students and judges, it is a compelling read for anyone interested in this important societal problem. It’s a wonderful book.”
    Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS, AAML, IAFL, ACFTL, Author & publisher of Attorney’s BriefCase®, Family Law Research software
  • “The case the author describes is special, but it is also typical. This story is played out every day in our family courts…There are so many different aspects to this case and the book explores them thoroughly. I strongly recommend that you read it. You won’t be disappointed.”
    Judge Leonard Edwards, Former Superior Court Judge, Santa Clara County, California, Judge-in-Residence, Center for Families, Children & the Courts
  • The Girl with the Halo takes an intolerable topic and makes it not only tolerable, but compelling with its fast-paced, insightful, poignant and sometimes funny telling.”
    Ann Ravel, Former Santa Clara County Counsel, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Torts & Consumer Litigation in the Civil Division of the U.S. Dept of Justice, and Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission
  • “Kudos to the author for shining a light on a problem which, over the course of a lifetime, along with rape and/or stalking, effects more than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States.”
    Steve Baron, MA, LMFT (ret.), Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Death Review Team, Former Director of Santa Clara County Family Court Services
  • “Written for the general public to learn the dynamics between attorneys, their clients, and the courts, I would also recommend it for legal professionals to understand what dilemmas many people face coping with failed relationships in real life. Attorneys who do not practice family law will learn that Carol’s story is not an isolated one, and this book should be mandatory reading for all new attorneys that are going into family law.”
    Hal D. Bartholomew, CFLS, AAML, Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, Sacramento, Former President & co-founder of Collaborative Practice California

NOTE: Alan pledges to donate a portion of his proceeds from the book to the Domestic Violence Intervention Collaborative:, and would appreciate it if you would learn more and consider a donation, too – To Honor: “The Girl in the Halo”.

(Print ISBN: 978-8585476891 / eBook ISBN: 978-1393121848)

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