Patty Flores Reinhart

(Print ISBN: 978-8585476891 / eBook ISBN: 978-1393121848)


The coming-of-age story of a young American woman, finding herself and her future among the waterways of Venice, Italy.

Part memoir, part fiction, California author Patty Flores Reinhart takes us on a journey of a young woman’s battles as a Central American immigrant trying to assimilate into the modern yet rigid American theater world, and eventually finding herself through the healing powers of an escape to Venice and its otherworld experience of day-to-day living. Reinhart’s love of Venice, with its labyrinthine streets, ancient bridges, and crowded waterways, shines through in every chapter of High Water. She also wonderfully spotlights the Italian language, culture, people, and challenges to save the world’s most timeless city from the ravages of climate change. Interwoven throughout the story are parallels of women’s past roles and limited choices, presenting a sobering reflection of how much progress has been made—or not—for young women of color today to control their future and gain acceptance in today’s increasingly interconnected global society.

“The art of living seems to reside somewhere in the delicate balance of forgiving and letting go of the past and holding on to love and hope for the future.”

High Water is a kaleidoscope of stories, each compelling in its own right, yet locked up inside the emotions and experiences of Frankie and her Italian counterparts, awaiting the reader to focus on each issue individually and as part of a whole.


“So thrilled that powerhouse personality Patty Flores Reinhart has released her first-hand view of the immigrant artist experience. Patty brings spark and dynamism to every interaction, and is a tireless supporter of theatre opportunities for BIPOC artists. Highly recommend!” — Lindsay Krumbein, Executive Artistic Director of Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre, Oakland, California

“Patty is an integral part of the Bay Area theatre scene and I highly respect her insights and perspective about new theatrical works. I can’t wait to dive into her unique story, which sings to my heart. Theatre, travel abroad, and an important fresh look at what it means to be a BIPOC artist. How did she know this was my perfect read?”– Rachel Bakker, Board Member of City Lights Theater Company, San Jose.

“…a writer with a unique life experience, both culturally and artistically…both entertaining and enlightening.” — Sue Krumbein, Gritty City Board Member; former president & very active member of The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto

High Water is more than a memory trip back to Venice; it is an engrossing tale set in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It painlessly wove her personal journey with the history of the city, its commercial development, its wonderful food, and its people between two centuries.  Kudos to Reinhart for her first novel – well done!” — Alan L. Nobler, author of the forthcoming novel, The Girl in the Halo

Patty Flores Reinhart was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of three. Growing up in Southern California, she launched her acting career and graduated from UCLA with a BA in Theatre Arts. Patty appeared on both English- and Spanish-television in Los Angeles while simultaneously teaching elementary school. Later, she performed with several theatre companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, where she lives with her husband and son. Along with her passion for performing and traveling, Patty is committed to supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) artists and raising awareness to promote greater representation of BIPOC all across the arts.

Ann edited, formatted and produced Patty’s book, plus served as marketing advisor. 

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