Rare Earth Metals-The Facts

My novel Rare Mettle is based on a true incident in 2010 when China imposed an embargo on Japan of rare earth metals, also known as rare earths, rare earth elements, rare earth, or technology metals. Its non-fiction counterpart, Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence lays out the history, our predicament, and possible solutions to our growing reliance on critical minerals.

For more information from government reports, industry experts, and scientists, please click on the links below:

President Trump’s 12/17 Executive Order on the Importance of Critical Minerals

References the USGS December 2017 report on America’s growing reliance on imports for too many critical minerals, rare earth metals among them. Orders a review of our resources and an intent to develop domestic supplies.

Remaking American Security May 2013

Written by Brigadier General (ret.) John Adams, this overview of our military reliance on rare earth metals contains easy-to-understand graphics that drive his point home.

General Accounting Office 2/11/16 Report on National Security

Describes the background of the Department of Defense Congressional mandate and its progress (or lack thereof) to date.

Critical Materials Institute – Department of Energy

Provides information on our reliance on rare earths in the energy sector.


Provides a basic understanding of Rare Earth Elements.


Provides ongoing articles and expert analysis to support investors.

J.A. Green & Company

Provides explanation of supply chain issues.


Provides background on regulatory issues.


Provides details on new uses for thorium for safe nuclear energy.

“The Elements of Power: Gadgets, Guns, and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare Metal Age”

A very readable non-fiction book for the general public by industry expert David S. Abraham.

Rare Earth Investing News

Provides independent news and timely articles on rare earths for investors.

The Cato Institute

Policy Forum presentation on “America’s Need for Critical Minerals vs. Federal Land Management”

American Diplomacy

A Unique & Comprehensive analysis for the non-technical person of Rare Earth Elements and U.S. Foreign Policy:  The Critical Ascension of REEs in Global Politics and U.S. National Security