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Speaking and Writing / Virtual Promotion

Speaking on behalf of your work or that of others you respect and admire, either in voice or writing, is a privilege and responsibility of every author. Otherwise, how else will such quality messages and/or entertainment ever be read and enjoyed?

PennedSource Partner (Lucinda 18)Authors who come to Ann and PennedSource with finished book in hand, already published whether traditionally or self, branded or not, are part of the cast and crew. Those books PennedSource edits and produces under its own imprint label are leading players. All have an equal opportunity to join the ranks of other established or emerging authors and other publishing professionals, personally vetted, co-assisted and approved by Ann and her chorus of Partners. Partners may be either other authors or those in a position to offer publicity or other support by means of Presentations in cooperation with myriad writing professionals.

Presentation-Partners may request or accept various types of submissions which wouldPennedSource Presentation (Lucinda 18) spotlight or otherwise promote an author’s work by relevance to their topical needs and wants. We can easily teach you how. These could include either written or oral presentations as an informal Writers-Speakers Bureau. Opportunities are flexible to accommodate varying relevance and abilities, so Author-Partners can choose to participate or not based on time and interest. However, there is an expectation they will all contribute something of value when they can to receive value in return. Alternative new methods of co-promotion are continually being developed based on proven successes which can then be transferred among active marketing alliance participants.

PennedSource Preferred 

PennedSource Preferred v2The collaborative use of PennedSource Production, Partner and even Presentation logos and links culminate in driving traffic to a single “store” location with teaser-links to established retailers. This effectively constitutes similar-minded endorsement to a group of readers that would clearly not be accessible to all by self-only promotion. Routing them directly to buying platforms provides a second bite at the apple after in-good-company exposure. More importantly, targeted (and joint) promotional Presentations can bring higher volume and higher motivated sales rather than relying on only random keyword book searches or Amazon recommendations/ads. And for authors without the capability to do so, the means to aggregate, negotiate, and fulfill bulk orders at HIGHER profit margins is a sweetener. For non-authors, Ann serves as a personal referral source to other valued Partners’ services, such as cover design, through this contact channel as well.

See Editing and Consulting/Virtual Publishing for more details.

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