Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Ann Bridges is an experienced, dynamic public speaker who relates to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Her compelling characters’ stories of overcoming obstacles serve to motivate audiences. She delivers a provocative understanding of today’s dilemmas, including exploring the relevance of history’s context. As a business executive turned novelist and editor, she demonstrates a unique skill bringing forth different points of view, and shares that with her audiences to develop greater compassion in both personal and professional relationships.

Please send an inquiry for dates and rates of these or other 1-2 hour group sessions, perfect for a “Brown Bag Lunch” event at work. Look for additional ideas under Discussion Topics tabs. Special discount for schools.



Networking Beyond LinkedIn – Effective techniques to grow contacts and make new friends. Includes learning face-to-face and via email protocols, as well professional etiquette. Targeted to new graduates seeking jobs or career advancement, or anyone seeking to develop new professional contacts.

How Storytelling Techniques Create Better Workplace Environment – Learn to understand the perspective of your co-workers and customers through simple point-of-view exercises and role-playing. Best for employees needing to polish up their people skills and understand the reactions of others.

Business Basics – What new employees need to understand about how business works to succeed in today’s fast-paced environments. Includes soft skills tips, critical thinking exercises, and brief overview of private enterprise in America.


Behind the Scenes of a Wall Street Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Includes Ann Bridges’ first-hand experiences as a female executive in a Silicon Valley start-up, and the implications of using stock options as compensation. Appropriate for both men and women looking to understand the changing technology and finance industries.

When Geopolitics Affects Business – Understanding Silicon Valley’s role within the context of America’s increasing reliance on technology for its leadership in the world. Includes exploration of global supply chains, scientific and university research, and population trends. Best for groups interested in exploring political implications of policy and future funding.


Connecting Generations – How history keeps us grounded in an era of overwhelming media. Includes an overview of obscure stories of America’s largest state, why they stayed that way, and what that tells us about our future.

One Author’s Day – What happens behind the scenes to bring a novel to life? Includes an overview of the research, organization, and editing that goes into each story to make it both authentic and engaging. Great for budding writers or avid readers of all ages, and especially appropriate for schools and colleges.

21st Century Publishing – Technology has both enabled and destroyed an industry. Includes a candid sharing of Ann Bridges’ experiences with both independent and self-publishing, a discussion of the pros and cons of both, and the realities facing content creators today. A must for new authors before taking that first step towards publishing.