Within the context of today’s debate over immigration and naturalization laws, unfair taxes, property ownership, and human trafficking, there are good reasons to study California’s historical precedents on these issues through fiction.

Just released, Kit’s Mine: A Daring California Novel explores the fate of losers in the famous 19th century Gold Rush—Chinese immigrants and the resident Spanish-Mexican ranchers­—and reveals yet another untold story of the San Francisco Bay Area. Timely and compelling, Kit’s Mine places earlier state policies and U.S. laws toward China and Mexico in a different perspective than the popular narrative.

I became inspired to write Kit’s tale after stumbling across an innocuous footnote describing Chinese women auctioned off as slaves in 1870 San Francisco, five years after America’s Civil War ended. I couldn’t believe that was possible! My research uncovered further details excluded from school textbooks, and certainly never talked about.

Kit’s Mine portrays minorities’ daring quest for liberty and fairness at a time when political and cultural values clashed. The book creates a new discussion platform to broach contentious topics within California’s diverse community and beyond.

Educators concur that Kit’s Mine is even suitable for young adults over age 16, by presenting eye-opening facts as a way to develop critical thinking skills, and to learn to appreciate unique points of view in our fast-growing world of personalized media.

Unlike my previous suspense thrillers, Kit’s Mine is an unabashed love story—a love of freedom, justice, family, and yes, a man and a woman. Men have read it and enjoyed its message, but women will absolutely adore it.

Kit’s Mine is offered in print and eBook formats wherever books are sold.

A former Silicon Valley executive, Ann Bridges re-invented herself as a novelist in 2014. Her debut Private Offerings, named 2015 Best Business Fiction by Wealth Management Magazine, depicts entrepreneurs’ current-day Gold Rush to Wall Street. Its sequel, Rare Mettle, acclaimed by both industry and military experts, tackles the issue of free trade against rising tensions with China and diminishing natural resources.

Find out more at https://authorannbridges.wordpress.com

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