Press and Reviews


The Mercenary Geologist

  • Michael S. “Mickey” Fulp, 35/20/15+ years as exploration/consulting economic geologist/analyst for venture capital
  • Criteria rejects 95% of prospective clients, full disclosure
  • 52,500 Twitter followers & 6,800 subscribers to “Mercenary Musings”
  • Welcome review of Groundbreaking! with excellent input

ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal

  • 90 years, formerly International California Mining Journal
  • 50 states & 23 countries, 40,000 print, 42,000 online subscribers, newstands & tradeshows
  • Yet another outstanding review of Groundbreaking!

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Engineering

  • March 3-6, 2019
  • Thanks to SME for featuring Groundbreaking! at Toronto’s PDAC-Prospectors and Developers  of Canada International Convention with 25,000 attendees.
  • Review of Groundbreaking! in Feb 2019 issue of “Mining Engineering”  magazine. Thank you, SME!


  • CinderQ Literary Magazine, New York/Los Angeles – The Netflix of new authors: emerging fiction writers, memoirists & essayists
  • FIVE PennedSource Partners featured in the debut issues of Taliesin Nexus’ latest quarterly libertarian writing project
  • Issue 1: PSProduction (due this year) Beyond The Urals author Reggie Gibbs with “The Ruins”
  • Issue 2: PSProduction America’s Journey author Rich Truzpek with “Abide the End: The Battle for America’s Soul” AND Ann Bridges’ teaser for her prequel next book in the Daring California Series, Mercury’s Messenger, with “@Mercury’s Fake Message”
  • Issue 3: PSPartner-in-waiting Dave Dubrow with “Dear Dad”
  • Issue 3-7: PSPartner Walls of Wilusa author Dick Yaeger SERIALIZED with “An Amazon’s Tale”

Resource World Resource World Cover Feb 2019

  • ResourceWorld Magazine: Investment News & Opportunities, Vancouver
  • Mining, O&G, Green Tech, 17 years, 47 countries, NO PAID EDITORIALS
  • In February-March PRINT issue, for advance online see above
  • Sterling review of Groundbreaking!  Thank you, RW!


  • Another use of Ann’s and Dr. Mamula’s newest book, Groundbreaking! as expert testimony to rebut the Green New Deal, as not possible without implementation of its policy recommendations.
  • By Paul Driessen. noted scholar and senior policy adviser for both the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), AND the Congress of Racial Equality as inspired author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death.

Canadian Mining Journal

  • Yet another stellar review of Groundbreaking!
  • Canada’s First Mining Publication, over 130 years, 27,000 subscribers
  • Published by Northern Miner Group, also publisher of Northern Miner (weekly, over 100 years), and Miners’ Handbook, a database of project, management & financial info, built over 80 years for Canadian & American listed exploration/mining companies.
  • NMG is part of Glacier Media Group, a world-wide cross-sector business information network

First Commandmentfirst commandment

  • PennedSource Partner Dick Yaeger’s (best-selling Walls of Wilusa author, see bottom) newest book is out NOW!
  • First Commandment: A Hunter Quinn Mystery tells the modern-day PI murder-thriller story of First Response versus Second Amendment..
  • Dick is also serialized in the next 4 issues of CinderQ Literary Magazine with An Amazon’s Tale.

Epoch Times

  • PennedSource Author (America’s Journey) and columnist (America Works) Rich Truzpek highlights newest PennedSource Production, Groundbreaking! and its national importance to industry, national defense, green technology and Washington public policy.  Appearing January, 2019.
  • Epoch Times is the world’s 4th largest circulation newspaper (almost 25 million readers, nearly 10x more than the New York Times), in English and Chinese everywhere, but translated into more than 35 languages in over 120 different countries.
  • Rich also writes a second weekly column about his day job in environmental consulting.  THANK YOU, Rich.

  • Australian Columnist Robin Bromby, reviews Groundbreaking! for Aspermont Ltd.’s (London publisher of 200 year-old journals in the industry) premier mining and energy news source, carried worldwide
  • Aspermont’s main markets are Australia, Canada, the UK and China, but due to increased activity in Latin America (though not yet the US), they are “opening up” the Americas
  • Click the (red) MNN link above to see this excellent review – and this one for his column The Outcrop  to find out more topics of interest from Bromby, author of Gold Always Wins and The Mining Investor’s Handbook, and a PennedSource Partner. Thank you, Robin!

Heartland Institute


KSFO Talk Radio 560AM, San Francisco/Silicon Valley

  • Thursday, December 28, 8-9 am hour (podcast starts @ 21:00 into the hour)
  • Ann chats with guest host and former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth  about Groundbreaking! and other Silicon Valley issues.

American Resources Policy Network

  • Advocacy/Think Tank, Wash DC: Education & Public Policy Research
  • 50,000 community opinion leaders in 50 states
  • Reach 4.5 million social media followers on need for natural resource development to reduce resource dependency weakening U.S. economic competitiveness & national security
  • Groundbreaking! Recommended to over 20,000 elected officials & decision makers

Groundbreaking! (Out NOW)

  • CFACT Many thanks to Paul Driessen for a praiseful Foreword and praiseworthy publicity on Townhall and over 50 related sites.
  • National Review Further gratitude to Steve Moore for ceding his series to Ann to further promote.
  • And appreciation to those who publicly endorsed:

National Mining Association – Steve Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Institute for Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation – Dean Popps, Former US Army Acquisition Executive & Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology – John Keating, Venture Advisor, Silicon Valley, Former VP Government Programs & Discoveries Business Unit, Intermolecular, Inc. – John Adams, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.), President, Guardian Six LLC – Patrick J. Michaels, Author of Lukewarming:  The New Climate Science that Changes Everything – William Perry Pendley, Esq., President, Mountain States Legal Foundation,  Author, Sagebrush Rebel

Saturday, September 15, 2018                                                   San Jose, California

Participant as a conference panelist for the American Institute for Economic Research/Bastiat Society’s Silicon Valley Conference, held at San Jose State University. The topic is Thought Control, something near and dear to my heart, and  part of Taliesin Nexus’ effort to grow a new cadre of writers, screenwriters, and filmmakers.