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Clear Energy Alliance

  • An independent voice encouraging critical thinking about energy using logic, reliable data, human experience, history and rational analysis.
  • CEA challenges false claims and premises in a fun, interesting and sharable format.
  • Featured Videos: Rare Earth Emergency #1 covering USA’s mineral dependency & Rare Earth Emergency #2 covering China’s dominant global role.


  • A Salem Media Group interactive magazine, 2 million readers each month
  • See bottom of MAGAZINE ARTICLES for nearly 100 affiliates who carry worldwide
  • Op-Ed: “When Just-in-Time is Just Too Late” covering USA’s supply chain reliance

Launch of Conquering Rhetoric

  • Part of the Conquering Life Series by PennedSource Partner and prolific author Edward A. Ipser, Jr.
  • Describes proven techniques to learn and understand the power and impact of words
  • Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and anyone trying to develop way to market ideas
  • Edited by Ann Bridges
  • For more info on Ed and his business mentoring program, click link above

Capital Research Center

  • America’s Investigative Think Tank, 35 years, Wash DC
  • Covid-19 supply chain interruptions more than medical items
  • Op-Ed w/Ned Mamula: “Essential National Supply – Make It in the U.S.A.”

Book Review – What Men Want to Say to Women (But Can’t)

  • Denise McAllister’s new book on the state of male/female relationships today
  • Powerful language of her personal journey navigating life with strong men to help her
  • Documents how men are mistreated, unappreciated, and shunted aside to the detriment of women, our culture, and our society
  • Launched February 11, 2020

Launch of Conquering Creatvity

  • Part of the Conquering Life Series by PennedSource Partner and prolific author Edward A. Ipser, Jr.
  • Describes proven techniques to unleash fresh solutions for individuals and teams
  • Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and anyone trying to develop new ideas amid the swirl of emotions and the status quo
  • Edited by Ann Bridges
  • For more info on Ed and his business mentoring program, click link above

Launch of Conquering Critical Thinking

  • Part of the Conquering Life Series by PennedSource Partner and prolific author Edward A. Ipser, Jr.
  • Applies logic and proven methodologies on how best to draw conclusions and make sound arguments in both business and personal life
  • Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and anyone trying to make sense of the swirl of opinions and media commentary
  • Edited by Ann Bridges
  • For more info on Ed and his business mentoring program, click link above

San Jose Public Library LOCAL LIT

  • Local Librarians and Readers supporting Local Authors
  • PennedSource author Bryant Lusk featured for “Osteoporosis and Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones”
  • First time to meet Bryant face to face–worth commemorating (even in pouring rain)!     December 1, 2019

Women in Mining

  • Nat’l Professional Organization & Education Foundation, since 1972, Lakewood, CO
  • Engineers, geologists, miners, educators & more & not just women
  • “WIM USA Webinar with Silicon Valley Author Ann Bridges” October 23, 2019

Senior Academy for Education

  • The Villages 55+ Community of Silicon Valley
  • Bernard Osher Foundation Lifelong Learning Program affiliate, Santa Clara University, 1951
  • Speaking engagement October 22, 2019

Hollywood in Toto

  • Christian Toto: 20-year award-winning journalist, conservative film critic & radio host
  • Hollywood in Toto Podcast: The ‘Right’ Take on Entertainment
  • “An author who bridges the gap betwen fact and fiction” (#135: starts 5min in)

Heartland Institute


  • A Salem Media Group interactive magazine, 2 million readers each month
  • See bottom of MAGAZINE ARTICLES for nearly 100 affiliates who carry worldwide
  • Op-Ed: “Congress Pays Lobbyists To Kill Industry, Again”

Creator’s Syndicate

  • 250 Writers: Pulitzer, Reuben & Peabody Awards
  • 22,000 Publications, 44,000,000 Readers
  • 170 Books Published under 3 Imprints (since 2012)
  • Since 1987, Hermosa Beach CA
  • Article with Stephen Moore, “Without Mining There is No ‘Green Revolution’”

CNS News

  • Formerly Cybercast News Service, The Right News, Right Now, since 1998, Reston VA
  • Media Research Center, America’s Media Watchdog, since 1987
  • Article by Paul Driessen and Ned Mamula regarding Groundbreaking!, “Modern Societies Require Minerals and Mining– And America Largely Dependent on Foreign Sources”

Literature & History/SAGE Publishing

  • Journal, published by SAGE Publishing, since 1965, Newbury Park CA
  • London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New Delhi, Singapore, Washington DC
  • Academic Treatment from Birkbeck, University of London (1823) & Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne (1894), UK
  • Treatise: “The Silicon Valley Novel”


Press Here, NBC Bay Area

  • Hosted by renowned reporter/anchor Scott McGrew Press Here Peiying Photo
  • “Meet the Press of Entrepreneurs” in weekly roundtable
  • Top tech reporters & business journalists from CNBC, Dow Jones, Economist, Financial Times (London), Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, MIT Technology Review, NPR, New York Times, Reuters, San Francisco Chronicle, TechCrunch, TIME, USA Today, The Verge & Wired, interviewing CEOs & other notables
  • Produced in Silicon Valley, aired in New York, Wash DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego & internationally for NBC Nonstop.
  • Featured Guest, Sunday, August 11, 2019, 9AM


  • Another great boost for Groundbreaking! and original booster Paul Driessen by Director of Policy Research Duggan Flanakin
  • Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
  • Think Tank, 35 years, Wash DC


  • Expert interview of Ann for article “Wyoming may hold the key to the rare earth minerals trade war with China”
  • By Bryan Borzykowski, writer for “America’s Top States for Business” feature
  • Since 1989, online since 1986, 7M+ viewers

Center of the American Experiment

  • Stunningly excellent use by Senior Fellow Issac Orr in
  • Environment, Mining, Minnesota Economy with numerous follow-up articles (click above)
  •  Of CFACT review by Duggan Flanakin of Groundbreaking! entitled
  • “Presidential Orders Seek to Kickstart Mining Industry Revival”
  • 25 years, Minnesota’s leading public policy organization on
  • Education, healthcare, family, employee freedom & local governance
  • Using free enterprise, limited government, personal responsibility & government accountability
  • To counter waste, power abuse & ineptitude in state/local government, schools & unions
  • Publisher of Thinking Minnesota magazine.

American Resources Policy Network

  • Advocacy/Think Tank, Wash DC: Education & Public Policy Research
  • 50,000 community opinion leaders in 50 states
  • Reach 4.5 million social media followers on need for natural resource development to reduce resource dependency weakening U.S. economic competitiveness & national security
  • Groundbreaking! Recommended to over 20,000 elected officials & decision makers by Sandra Wirtz, Director of Research
  • Also covered  “A Declaration of Mineral Independence Against Eco Tyranny”

Washington Examiner 

  • Op-Ed with Ned Mamula, Adjunct Scholar in Geosciences, Cato Institute, “The Mining Law produces vital domestic minerals. Why undermine it?”
  • Weekly magazine, 14 years, 45,000 circulation, Wash DC


  • Op-Ed with Paul Driessen, CFACT, “Eco Tyranny Makes USA Dangerously Dependent on Foreign Minerals”
  • A Salem Media Group interactive magazine, 2 million readers each month
  • See over 60 Townhall affiliates here which re-carry my op-ed columns

Bridges Unabridged

Committee to Unleash Prosperity

  • Op-Ed with Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation, “Without mining there is no ‘Green Revolution’”
  • Think Tank, 2015, Wash DC
  • Founders: Presidential Medal of Freedom Economist Art Laffer, White House Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore & Steve Forbes

Real Clear Politics/Real Clear Markets

  • Op-Ed with Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation, “Sans mining there is no ‘Green Revolution’”
  • Forbes-owned News Aggregators & Commentary, 19 years, Alexa 5000 rank, Chicago

Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ

  • Op-Ed with Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation, “Without mining there is no ‘Green Revolution’”
  • Manassas VA

Washington Times

  • Op-Ed with Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation, “Without mining there is no ‘Green Revolution’”
  • Daily newspaper, 37 years, 60,000 circulation, 2nd largest Wash DC

Mercenary Geologist

  • Michael S. “Mickey” Fulp
  • 35/20/15+ years as exploration/consulting economic geologist/analyst for venture capital, criteria rejects 95% of clients
  • 52,000 Twitter followers & 6800 subscribers to “Mercenary Musings” newsletter
  • “An Alarming Addendum to America’s Mineral Angst”

Examiner Publications

  • Featured in Column by PennedSource author Rich Trzupek, “Groundbreaking”
  • Half dozen local newspapers, 44 years, 37,000 subscribers, Chicago

Launch of Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

  • …Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones, a new DIY health awareness guide
  • PennedSource Partner Author Bryant Lusk, top sales in his Amazon Category
  • 1st in a Share the Health planned series, 5-star Amazon reviews, SF Review of Books
  • Edited and PennedSource Produced by Ann Bridges
  • Events planned throughout Silicon Valley, keep an eye out for ones near you
  • For more info and links to join Bryant’s Share the Health Club, click link above


Seeking Alpha

  • Wisdom-of-Crowd Stock Market Analysis, New York:
  • 60 editors + 16,000 contributors (analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors & industry experts)
  • Interactively create investor content engaging 13.5 million daily visitors on 8,600 tickers
  • 8,000 articles published every month encompassing curated news, research, opinion & discussion, since 2004
  • Article by Joshua Hall of True Vine Investments, “Constantine is a Gateway to US Critical Minerals” (link above) and YouTube interview with Robert Kientz of GoldSilverPros as below

Reluctant Preppers

  • “Helping You Be Aware and Prepared”, 35,000 YouTube subscribers, 5 million views
  • 85% US-5% Canadian, 80% male, 60% 40-60 yrs of age
  • Awareness of the systemic risks to our liberty & finances
  • You Tube Interview with DK Dunagun Kaiser, founder: “Our Greatest Secret Risk – US Mineral Dependence”
  • Related second interview with Robert Kientz: “Mineral & Technology Dependencies Threaten US Sovereignty”: GoldSilverPros , at YouTube, TalkMarkets, SeekingAlpha (see above for description) & Medium, Online Magazine Publisher: 60 million (Alexa Rank 200), 2012 (Investors)

Muck Rack

  • Database for journalists & PR professionals
  • A Libertarian, promoting civil liberties, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism & shrinking size/scope of government; &
  • Greenerbee, providing information & news to assist selection of better green living choices (Independents)

  • & InfoMine, Your Global Mining Resources for Intelligence & Technology
  • & Canadian Mining Report (Aggregators):
  • Leading digital publications covering global mining sector since 2011
  • With 364,000 users & 27,000 subscribers, publishing 23 digests ranging geographically & by ore in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese),
  • HQ in Vancouver, Canada & editorial in Brazil & Peru, InfoMine in Spokane, WA, South Africa & Australia, CMR online exclusively, listings & news by company & ore


  • Techno Professional Network for Engineers, To Connect & Collaborate across Academia, Institutes, Industries, Societies & Organizations in collaboration with
  • The Institution of Engineers (India), 1935, one million members, world’s largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society:
  • By CALNESTOR Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd, Calcutta, India,
  • Recognized Top 50 Startups in Eastern India by US Consulate General with University of Texas &
  • I2M Associates Consulting LLC, Houston, TX, Resource Portal for Geologists & Geoscientists (Portals)

US Department of Defense

  • Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC, created 2014)
  • Defense Information Analysis Centers (DIAC, created 1946)
  • Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC), US Department of Defense (DoD), Wash DC
  • Listed Review, Groundbreaking!

Brandeis National Committee Presents 29th Lunch with the Authors

  • April 17, 2019
  • Ann, as speaker at a fundraiser luncheon in Campbell, California.
  • Featured: Kit’s MineGroundbreaking!, and Mercury’s Message.

 Assistance League (AL), San Jose

  • Since 1983: annually serving 11,000+ recipients with $200K+/34K+ volunteer hours
  • Programs: Operation School Belt, Readers Are Leaders, Assist-A-Shelter, Caring Hands, Screening Eyes Early, Senior Bingo, Hug-A-Bear
  • Funders: The George & Jeanette Stuart Charitable Trust, Applied Materials & Safeway Foundations, Star Credit Union & Almaden Valley Women’s Club
  • Participants in the Brandeis Lunch with the Authors (see above)


PennedSource Presentation (Lucinda 18) v2      PennedSource Partner (Lucinda 18)PennedSource Productions v2

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BRIDGES, Ann. Silicon Valley executive-turned-author’s up-close stories of modern and historical goldrushes

BRIDGES, Ann. Sigalia, Shinny’s Journal: The Story of Why, 2019. With Sigalia game creator Phil Roth

BRIDGES, Ann. Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence, 2018. With noted Geologist Dr. Ned Mamula

BRIDGES, Ann. Kit’s Mine, A Daring California Novel, 2017.  Winner National Penwriters Award

BRIDGES, Ann. Rare Mettle, A Silicon Valley Sequel, 2016. Pre-cursor to Groundbreaking!

BRIDGES, Ann. Private Offerings, A Silicon Valley Novel, 2015. Winner Best Business Fiction. Top 10 Business Book



GIBBS, Reggie.  Beyond the Urals, late 2020.

IPSER, Edward A. Jr. Conquering Rhetoric, 2020 (updated version). A sequel to Critical Thinking & Creativity, it describes techniques to persuade and understand through the power of words.

MCALLISTER, Denise. What Men Want to Say to Women (But Can’t), 2020. A heartfelt plea to bring respect, love and caring to the men in our lives, & heal relationships, family, & culture.

IPSER, Edward A. Jr. Conquering Creativity, 2020 (updated version). A sequel to Critical Thinking, it describes techniques to unleash fresh solutions for individuals and teams.


IPSER, Edward A. Jr Conquering Critical Thinking, 2019 (updated version).   A fresh take on classical thinking to help sort through 21st century overload of information and choices. Part of the Conquering Life Series.

LUSK, Bryant. Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones, 2019.  A new DIY health awareness guide, top sales/reviews in Amazon, 1st in a Share the Health planned series

ROTH, Phil & Ben Lucas. Sigalia: An Adventurer’s Guide, 2019.  A Fantasy Role-Playing Game. A friendly, imaginative world of weapons and wizards, from the imaginations of friends



MAMULA, Ned & Ann Bridges. Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence, 2018. Noted geologist/policy advisor teams storyteller to spread word about needed tectonic change

TRZUPEK, Rich. America’s Journey: From Overlord to Underdog, Regrets to Rebirth, 2018. Environmental expert/passionate historian expertly examines environment of our passionate history

Goldstein, Ken. From Nothing: A Novel of Technology, Bar Music, and Redemption, 2018. Backroom deals sing the story thru the soundtrack of our lives from a tech-savvy backend bookseller



LUND, Michael. Maddy’s Game, 2017. A true baseball fan shows how truth is always the right play, even when things go oh-so-wrong

Bruce, Victoria. Sellout: How Washington Gave Away America’s Technological Soul…, 2017. Famed documentary producer-director talks clean-innovated-here and one man’s fight to bring it home again

Latiff, Robert H. Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield, 2017. A retired general warns us to retire war or at least weapons, but not ethics, before it is too late



Dubrow, David. The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, 2016. Learn what to do when the trappings of civilization are ripped away.

Yaeger, Dick. Walls of Wilusa: A Novel of Survival During the Trojan War, 2016. A once-and-always Marine’s mind’s-eye-witness account of a by-gone war


2015 and earlier

Abraham, David S. The Elements of Power: … The Future in the Rare Metal Age, 2015. From Wall St to DC:  the resource sustainability struggle between gadgets and guns

Boudreaux, Paulette. Mulberry, 2015. Surviving family crisis by strength, 1960s Mississippi in the personal eyes of an 11-yr-old girl

Bromby, Robin.  Gold Always Wins: How the Yellow Metal Defies Its Critics, 2015. Journalist-author of The Mining Investor’s Handbook puts his money where his “mined” is.

Cole, August & P.W. Singer. Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, 2015. Technologists’ take on what could happen, scarily

Hall, Joshua. The Truth on Investing: From Darkness of the Crowd to the Light, 2011. Investing with God sometimes means investing in God–through others

Lin, Dinah. Daring to Dream Once Again: It’s Never Too Late!, 2015. Chinese-American’s memoirs from rags to riches, communism to capitalist

McCaffrey, Mark S. Climate SMART & Energy WISE: Advancing Science Literacy & Know-How, 2015. Scientist-educator creates climate science knowledge for teachers and students

Rai, Ruchi. A Conscious Peace: My iPhone Journal, 2015. Personal journey from two car accidents and a scam to physical and emotional triumph

Wilder, John. Nobody Dies in Hollywood, 2015. An OJ-style murder mystery from one of Hollywood’s own most acclaimed and prolific screenwriters

Zeidman, Bob. Good Intentions, 2012. A Silicon Valley legend’s satirical view of one possible future America, here now

Zhao, Margaret. Humor Haiku, 2015. Nearly-70 stand-up shares her hard just life in a stanza of punchy lines, just 17 easy syllables


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