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PennedSource Productions v2From concept design, business and marketing analysis through writing coaching and full editing to final publication and beyond, PennedSource and Ann personally serve as your guide to a successful launch and follow-through. Virtual publishing means not going it alone, nor being left to navigate the maelstroms and vortices of stripped-down traditional publishers, inexperienced independents, or cattle-call vanity presses. It also means keeping total artistic and financial control of your precious work, with customized assistance along the way, billowed high on the leveraged experience of others who have sailed those seas successfully before you.

Program Chart v1These are the many hats someone has to wear, the roles your troupe and crew have to play. Whether you choose to do-it-yourself or seek professional help, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get custom consultative, results-oriented and proven advice along the way? Many partners freely exchange help and ideas, assuming you return the favor when your knowledge or specialty is called for. The rest is a proven mapchart we know how to read and a script we know how to follow.

Again, using a case-by-case approach, Ann and her experience can find the right touch for you. Why not contact her today, to arrange a personal phone interview and free, no-obligation consultation and a written quote proposal for just the elements you want? Use the form below to tell her what you’re looking for.

          “I’d love to hear from you and will respond promptly and personally.”   Ann BridgesAnn Bridges

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