Private Offerings

Named 2015 Best Business Fiction

by Wealth Management Magazine

Private Offerings is an exciting, fast-paced international suspense thriller. The first in a series disclosing inside secrets of Silicon Valley business, the 2017 Revised “Author’s Cut” Edition includes a new Prologue, setting the stage for China’s emerging influence on California’s Silicon Valley.



The Revised Edition is available in print and eBook versions at Amazon, and at additional retailers and libraries worldwide. 


Three competing Chinese interests vie for global political, economic, and military power. Instead of keeping each other in check, they escape the confines of public scrutiny and pursue critical Silicon Valley technology at all costs.

Caught up in this game is the enigmatic SDS Technologies’ founder Eric Coleman. His innovative software is in demand from leading financial and military organizations around the world. But he has his own private agenda for selling shares of his company via an Initial Public Offering. And now his board of directors is pressuring him to disclose his closely-held secret before the IPO, the secret that inspired him for seventeen years while perfecting his technology

Public relations consultant Lynn Baker uncovers a covert plot to control the global financial markets through SDS, and is sucked into a vortex of the behind-the-scenes power play. She has already struggled back from a brutal accident and exploitative marriage, and is determined to re-take charge of her uncertain life. Ignoring her unwanted attraction to Eric, she fights to keep her business intact while defending SDS from someone intent on destroying its chance for a successful Wall Street IPO.

When a software bug is discovered and publicized, Eric must rely on Lynn’s expertise to guide him through the media-driven crisis. Control of each shareholder’s vote becomes paramount, and the motivation behind every employee and adviser is suspect. They follow a web of dangerous intrigue until their very lives become the currency of the day. In order to win, they must be willing to sacrifice their professional reputations, and finish the job of re-invention they started years ago.


“The author has done her research about the mechanics of IPOs, the lure of the promise (rarely realized) of incredible wealth, and how easily dreams turn into dross. This novel captures the intensity of the Silicon Valley business world and its arcane financial practices with appealing characters, unrelenting action and depictions of high finance and corporate boardroom dynamics that ring true.  John Kador, Wealth Management Magazine

“…a timely fictional page-turner…she can tell a story…” Scott Herhold, San Jose Mercury News

“…a high-tech tale of international intrigue, populated with promiscuous characters of dubious integrity…demystifies Silicon Valley with a story of love, greed and financial shenanigans.” George Koo, New America Media, former U.S.-China business consultant

“…flows at a breathless pace…” Mel Phelps, former publisher Hambrecht & Quist, former writer Upside

“…intriguing, suspenseful fiction. Plus, she includes a ring of truth about the emerging influence of China on the high-tech, high-finance worlds.” Dinah Lin, MBA, public speaker, author, former Fortune 500 international business executive

“…Ms. Bridges dances [her multi-dimensional characters] through the perfectly captured intensity of the Silicon Valley business world…a compelling read: hard to put down…” Pat Waite, retired SV executive, San Jose political figure

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