Ned Mamula

(Print ISBN 13: 978-1729669525 / ISBN 10: 1729669522; eBook ISBN: 978-1386252559)

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America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence

Primary Author – Dr. Ned Mamula

Co-Author – Ann Bridges   (author of Rare Mettle)

Is America in Jeopardy?

Any day, America could be held hostage over critical minerals used in all advanced technologies due to the decades-long shunning of domestic mining. Groundbreaking! describes the all-too-real consequences of misguided policy decisions and environmental alarmism, and recommends 21st-century solutions to sustainable self-reliance by leveraging the wealth right under our feet.

By importing 100% of key minerals from China, Russia, and third world dictatorships, we face an ongoing risk of losing the technology behind everything from smartphones to “green” technology. The recent requirements put into place by our legislators and regulators literally require tons of minerals for batteries and magnets to run electric cars and trucks; to support advancements in medical equipment such as dental drills and MRIs; and to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines for alternative energy sources. Additionally, the advanced weaponry and defensive equipment for our troops requires critical minerals, too, yet we are reliant on getting that gear from countries who at best could be called allies, and at worst are outright hostile to America’s values.

Our policies must acknowledge the reality that critical minerals, or more accurately the lack thereof, often play a key role in dictating foreign policy and national security decisions.

Planning to adapt before a problem occurs must become a national goal. This means reversing dangerous import trends and exploring for domestic minerals—the two major policy goals explained in this book.

With a Foreword by Paul Driessen, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow:

“EVERYONE in government & industry should endorse this PLAN”


Groundbreaking! Is the culmination of Ned Mamula’s career of sharp-eyed insight into the decades-long erosion of U.S. mining and the need to reverse this self-imposed economic and national security vulnerability. . . Mamula and Bridges have woven together myriad threads to give us the startling implications of our failed minerals policies. This book is a wake-up call.–National Mining Association

Ned Mamula has unearthed a stunning find: America is sitting on a multi-trillion dollar treasure chest of minerals and valuable resources. Why aren’t we benefiting from these riches buried right below our feet?–Steve Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Institute for Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

Mamula and Bridges have succeeded in delivering a very complete narrative of where we are, how we got there, and what to do about fixing it. This book should reside in the library of every national security professional and be used as a major reference work.–Dean Popps, Former US Army Acquisition Executive and Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology 

This was a fascinating read, and compelling . . . [T]his should serve as a wake-up call to legislators and the general public. Our exposure to seriously restrictive policies by China could be the Sputnik Moment of our generation.–John Keating, Venture Advisor, Silicon Valley, Former VP Government Programs and Discoveries Business Unit, Intermolecular, Inc.

Groundbreaking! Is a book that all Americans who care about our national security should read. It is both a readable narrative and a skilled study by two expert authorities on our mineral resources. Read this book to understand the stakes for our nation, and how we can recover our mineral independence.–John Adams, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Retired), President, Guardian Six LLC

If you care about technological vulnerability in an interdependent world—and you should—Groundbreaking! needs to be front and center on your bookshelf.–Patrick J. Michaels, author of Lukewarming:  The New Climate Science that Changes Everything

Congressman Jim Santini (R-NV) and Governor and later President Ronald Reagan knew all this and much, much more but few listened to them back then. Perhaps they will listen today.–William Perry Pendley, Esq., President, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Author, Sagebrush Rebel


Geologist Ned Mamula is a senior geoscientist with over 30-years’ experience in research and policy development of oil and gas, critical minerals, international supply chain vulnerabilities, and the geopolitics of energy and minerals. A native of Pittsburgh, he has spearheaded resource development investigations with leading scientific and intelligence agencies, including the U.S. Geological Survey, and several Washington think tanks, such as the American Resources Policy Network. His writings have appeared in top scientific journals and media including National Review, Forbes, U.S. News, American Spectator, Washington Times, The Hill Newspaper, C-SPAN, and have been incorporated into the Congressional Record. Dr. Mamula served on the Trump Transition Team as an advisor and subject matter expert for the Department of the Interior on geoscience issues including energy, minerals, and federal lands.

Dr. Mamula received his Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Slippery Rock University, Master’s Degree in Geoscience from Penn State University, his Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Texas A&M University, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies.

Silicon Valley author Ann Bridges’ biography

What could happen due to our mineral DE-pendence? Read Ann Bridges’ novel Rare Mettle

In addition to co-authoring, Ann Bridges edited and produced the book, and served as project manager and marketing advisor.

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