Michael Lund


Drew Tanner, raised in a religious household, pursued his dream of becoming a professional ballplayer. He achieved not only his goal of playing in the majors but also finds his soul-mate. His childhood friend, Nate Ellis, follows in Drew’s footsteps.

A family tragedy puts Drew on a collision course with life’s injustices and creates a crisis in faith. He quits the game, but six weeks later he’s convinced to play again in order to help the team’s race for the pennant. During his come-back game, a freak incident involving eleven-year-old Maddy Tyler unleashes a cascade of events that culminates in a mysterious death. Maddy’s pursuit of the truth to save her hero leads to long-held family secrets. Does the key to Drew’s salvation lie within those secrets or the judicial system?

Set against the backdrop of a much-beloved sport, Maddy’s Game is a moving saga about the value of friendship, redemption and restoration, and the power of forgiveness.

A baseball fan since childhood, Michael Lund played ball in Mickey Mantle’s fantasy camp for 13 years and came to know many of the greats from a bygone era. Now living in Vancouver, Washington, Michael enjoys his retirement from the insurance industry  as husband and grandfather. He recently completed a two-year project for the local Historical Museum on the history of baseball in Clark County, which can be found in the museum’s 2016 and 2017 publications.

Ann Bridges served as Mike’s champion and editor throughout many revisions and years. You can read more about Maddy’s Game here.

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